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walk-in tub installation

Walk-In Tub Installation

Here are a few important points you may find helpful with regards to walk-in tub installs. There are three trades/skills required to do a proper job installing a walk-in tub. First and foremost are sound carpentry, joinery and finishing skills, showing attention to detail! Experience working with plastics, tile, and wall surrounds will also be necessary.  Second is a licensed plumber and then a licensed electrician, depending on the model. Seventy percent of the work will be done by carpentry and finishing, fifteen percent by a plumber, and ten to fifteen percent by an electrician for almost all situations.

If at all possible your first choice should be the company you have purchased the walk-in tub from if they offer installation in your area. Not only are they familiar with their own product, but they install walk-in tubs regularly and will take responsibility for their product and quality of installation. Your second choice is either a subcontractor or a contractor who specialize in bathroom renovations.

Walk-in tub installations are a two man job so if you have the above skills you’ll want help if you plan to take on the project yourself. Keep in mind manufactures will warranty their product providing licensed trades persons were employed to insure proper installation. Always visually inspect and water test a walk-in, or jetted tub prior to installation. Have a question on installation? Be happy to answer it for you, contact us.

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