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bath Filling

Bath Filling Time
Will 3/4″ bath fill taps fill up a bath any faster? Absolutely, as long as the water lines in your home are 3/4,” which is likely not the case.  Most homes will have standard 1/2″ water lines in residential construction. You may find 3/4 ” water lines in multi housing like apartment buildings but it is reduced to 1/2″ or 3/8″ before the faucets. Claims made by walk in tub companies that their tubs will fill faster is false. Walk-in tubs with similar dimensions will take about the same amount of time to fill.

What does determine a bath’s fill time, is a home’s water pressure and bather size. It is important when buying a walk-in tub to get the right size for your body. A very small person in a bath to big, will wait longer for the tub to fill, compared to a much larger person using the same size tub. This is due to the amount of water a bather’s body displaces.

Depending on the tub, bather size and a home’s water pressure, fill time will vary. For a close approximation to know how long it will take to fill a tub. Take a pail, (maybe a four gallon pail) place it under your tub’s spout and record the time it takes to fill. Multiply the gallons of water you expect to use by the time it took to fill up the pale.

For an approximation of the amount of water your body will displace and the amount of water you will need, use one gallon of water for every ten pounds of body weight. For instance if the tub you are considering has the capacity to hold 60 gallons of water and you weigh 150 pounds, then your body will displace approximately 15 gallons of water and you’ll need
about 45 gallons to fill the tub to its limit.

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